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Why You Should Add Yoga to Your Weekly Routine at Vital Cayman

Vital Cayman offers different yoga classes to suit your preference. Here’s why you should add this ancient and beneficial exercise to your weekly routine.

There is a reason why yoga has become one of the world’s most popular forms of exercise. Rooted in history with current-day benefits, it is a mixture of physical, mental and spiritual practices. But, despite what many people think, the purpose of it isn’t to learn how to touch your toes or balance on your hands! Instead, it’s about learning how to hold stillness in both body and mind.

Some students are hesitant to enter a yoga studio because they believe they’re not flexible enough. This can, however, be an advantage as it’s easier to find your edge. This allows you to find your limit and breathe to soften into position. This practice can be valuable for all bodies of all ages and strength levels and can give both your body and mind a workout while also aiding in relaxation.

Are you considering adding yoga to your weekly routine? Here are six reasons to book your class now.

1. It improves your balance

Do you find yourself wobbling if you lift up one leg? People who incorporate yoga into their weekly routine struggle with this significantly less. It improves movement, coordination and focus so that you find it easier to keep your balance.

2. It increases your flexibility

Stretching plays an enormous role in the practice of yoga. This is what makes this workout a good one to improve and enhance your flexibility. This can bring relief to tight muscles and, over time, give you an increased range of motion.

3. It is a great physical workout

People who love working out often view yoga as being too gentle to have any significant workout benefits. But this is completely not true! It can provide a real challenge and get you in touch with your body in a whole new way.

4. It can make you breathe better

A huge part of the practice of yoga revolves around breathwork. These are all incorporated into the positions and encourage a more conscious and focused way of breathing. This can improve your immunity and your energy levels.

5. It can help to relieve stress

Other than the positions that aid in relaxation, yoga is a great antidote to stress as it regulates the central nervous system. There are several studies that reveal it to be effective at reducing the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

6. It can make you fall asleep faster

A survey conducted in 2020 on the effects of yoga cited that over 55% of people who made this practice part of their routine found that it helped them get to sleep more quickly. Not just that, but they enjoyed better quality sleep, too!

Want to enjoy the benefits of yoga? Make it a part of your weekly routine with Vital Cayman!

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