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Spin Safety: Tips to Make Your Ride Enjoyable and Effective

When it comes to spin safety, there are things you should do to ensure your workout is a good one. Here are five tips for getting the most out of yours.

We know trying new things can be intimidating, especially when you add equipment your body isn’t used to working with! This is why going to your first spin class might be a daunting experience. But there are spin safety tips to prevent injury and make your workout one that is transformative for your body and mind.

Why spinning?

Adding spin classes to your fitness routine can have many benefits. It burns calories in a low-impact way and is a great form of cardio. It can also have mental health benefits by helping to reduce stress levels.

Want to experience the benefits of spinning for yourself? Before starting your class, here are four tips to help you feel more confident setting up your bike and making this popular piece of equipment your bestie on your fitness journey.

Tip #1: Give yourself time to set up

No one likes arriving to class late (or the stares it generates!). By getting there early, you will have enough time to set your bike, hop on and give it a quick test run to make sure everything is working for your body. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask an instructor for assistance.

Tip #2: Align your bike to your body

There are a few basic spin safety setup tips that remain consistent regardless of your body shape. Your seat should align with the top of your hip and your handlebars should be a forearm’s distance from your seat. When you're seated on the bike, your knee should be over the ball of your foot with the pedal at three o'clock.

Tip #3: Minimise potential back pain

One of the biggest concerns that many people experience is back pain. And it can, at times, be debilitating. This is something to take into consideration after a session. If back pain is an issue for you, or you noticed it flair up after a spin class, raise your handlebars higher next time and see if that makes a difference.

Tip #4: Give your body time to adjust

Just like with any other form of exercise, getting your body comfortable with spinning takes time. The resistance is always under your control. If you don’t feel comfortable adding more weight as the instructor cues, stay right where you are. If you don’t feel comfortable rising out of the saddle in climbs or jogs, keep your booty down!

Tip #5: Don’t forget your gear!

Make sure that you are comfortably dressed and have closed shoes on when coming for a workout for optimal spin safety. You need to have fuel in your body and should bring some water with you to stay hydrated. Then you will be in good form and ready to challenge your body and mind.

See you in class soon!

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