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Workout with Hijab

Class List

Please call us at (345) 333 4825 if you are unable to schedule with us online.

Yoga Classes:

Vital Vibes. Make your move. Feel your groove.

This hip hop yoga class is a music-driven class that will move you through a fluid vinyasa flow (vinyasa - intentionally links each pose to the next through breath). This is a physical collection of postures that become a powerful sequence at an uptempo pace. We encourage all levels of experience to this class. The instructor moves with the class providing visual instruction and minimizing verbal cues. Tune in while you tune up. Bend. Stretch. Harness your practice. Sweat & Let go.


Restorative Fully supported. Embrace & let go.


This class is encouraged for beginners and experienced yogis alike. Restorative helps balance the sympathetic (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems through fully supported poses using props & materials. Experience disengaging the muscles through gravitational surrender, while focusing on your breath allows your mind to accept and relax. The emphasis on maintaining focus of the poses for longer intervals (3-4 minutes a pose) helps the body open, lengthen and restore the connective tissue to its natural state all by using breath and body awareness.
Be there for your body. Breathe deep. Release Tension.  



Vital Sound Journey Sound On. Mind Off. 


This experience is a specialty class that compliments students ongoing practices, combats the day-to-day fatigue and boosts your health. Facilitated using Himalayan Singing Bowls, receivers will find a welcoming space to ground and connect to their bodies, allowing better receptivity to sound & its vibrations. Inducing a deeper meditative state in the mind, as well as full relaxation in the body the session creates longstanding benefits & deepens your meditation practice. Participants awaken in a comfortable and natural way. Final integration is best at the collective level, and participants are welcome to share any experiences or take a moment on their own to reflect on their session. No experience is necessary to participate in this class, and every journey is experienced differently - from relaxing to energizing. Invite the sensations. Deep relaxation. Harmonize.



Meditation Slow your breath. Relax your mind. Reset your energy.

Pranayama is the relationship to our breath and teaches us to control the movement of our minds. The more we become aware of our breath, the more we are able to calm the mind and access and experience the bliss of our hearts through meditation. This class will teach us about the breath and various simple techniques to access the breath, quiet the mind and turn into the sublime radiance of our hearts. This class will also teach us how to meditate! We will review appropriate sitting postures for meditation. We will also explore what meditation is and what it is not.

Yin Stretch. Hold. Restore.

The pathways of Qi (energy) that run through our bodies allows us stretch and deepen into poses, opening any blockages and releasing that energy to flow freely. This class helps you stretch and lengthen those rarely used deep connective tissues while also teaching you how to breathe through discomfort, acknowledge the thoughts which may arise and simply let them go finding your peace in the present moment. This Yin yoga sequence can help restore the healthy flow of Qi in our bodies.

Vinyasa Flow Find your flow.

Vinyasa, is a breath initiated practice, that connects every action of our life with the intention of moving towards what is sacred, or most important to us.  Vinyasa yoga is characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath.  A variety of postures are sequenced differently so that no two classes are ever alike.  The variable nature of this Vinyasa Yoga class will help us to develop a more balanced body while bringing consciousness to each movement in each moment.


Power Flow Heart pumping movement.

Join us for an energetic powerful flow combining sequences and poses from many styles of yoga with the goal of connecting breathe with movement to build strength and stability.  This fast tempo flow enhances stamina, flexibility, posture, and mental focus while relieving tension and releasing toxins through sweat.


Beginners Yoga Build the foundation.

This class will introduce the fundamental principles of alignment and breath work.  Yoga postures will be introduced through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration. Emphasis is placed on understanding, safety, and stability within each pose.  If you are new to yoga or have experience and need to revisit the true alignment of your favorite poses to ensure you are gaining the most out of your practice, this class is for you!


Spin Classes:

Rhythm Ride

Spin to the beat of the music. We start off with a warmup, making our way up to climbs, sprints, and dips followed by a cardio push and ending with a warm-down and stretch. Classes can either give you that party experience in a dark room with loud music or a not so party vibe with lights dimmed and no strobing or flashing so that can just enjoy the burn and sweat without a distraction (if you’re not a fan of loud music, earplugs are available at the front desk). We encourage you to leave all the stress and weight behind when you hop off your bike and step back into the world with a contagious energy.

Performance Ride

Designed for all ages and fitness levels, these rides are highly effective to help you build cardiovascular strength and endurance.  Through these classes personal goals will be achieved as classes will shift weekly to focus on targeting different milestones such as increasing mile times and maintaining a certain heart rate for a certain amount of time. Get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and sweat excreting. Let the music take you on an amazing ride as you pedal along to various speeds and intensities. 

Themed Rides

Enjoy some of your favorite genres as you pedal off the calories including EDM, top 40, reggaeton, best of the 90s, hip hop happy hour, throwback Thursdays, and much more!

Hybrid Classes:

Hybrid HIIT: 30 Minute Spin & HIIT

Kick off your workout in the Spinbar and end in the Yogaden!  This class will combine both of your fitness favorites through cardio and body weight exercises to improve your strength and tone your body.


Hybrid Spin & Stretch: 30 Minute Spin & Deep Stretch

Kick off your workout in the Spinbar and end in the Yogaden!  This class will start with a 30 minute cardio-push spin and move into a cool-down deep stretch.  Stretching is key to improving your performance in physical activities, increasing your range of motion, increasing blood flow to your muscles, and helps prevent serious injuries.  Show your muscles some love and thank your body for all its hard work!

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