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Spin, yoga or hybrid, it's your choice!
Race with your partner around the world and stand to WIN roundtrip tickets to London!

It's not too late to sign up!


There is still time to register, with 8 weeks there is plenty of time to catch up and WIN the race!

How does it work?

  • Teams of 2 on a journey across the world! Each class counts as 10 miles, double up with your partner to maximize your miles!

  • Obstacle courses to gain EXTRA points. Pop-up speciality classes to earn double and triple points.

  • The race will kickoff in Jan 9th 2023. 

  • The ultimate 8 week challenge!

  • Cost is $500 per person if purchased by Dec 31st for unlimited access to all classes on the schedule for the 8 week challenge. $550 if purchased in January on or before the 9th.

  • You and your partner can use your tickets separately.

  • You can use your tickets in any month of 2023, as long as the tickets are booked by November 1st 2023.

  • You can enter via this form and then pay when you come into the studio.

Sign up here

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